Meet The Mother Daughter Duo!

About Mother’s Kitchen Essentials

Mother’s Kitchen Essentials was founded in 2018 - but the real roots of the company began long ago, when Kusam Sharma taught her daughter, 4-year-old Angela, to make the perfect cup of chai tea using authentic ingredients from her hometown of Punjab, India.


The Story of Mother’s Kitchen Essentials

Since that day peering over the counter on a stepstool in her mother’s kitchen, Angela has carried on this tradition of delicious, aromatic Indian chai made with love and authenticity. When she realized how difficult it was to find a high-quality chai blend using only whole, crushed spices, she knew she had to share her mother’s tea with the world. Mother’s Kitchen Essentials was born.


Our Commitment to Wellness and Quality

As a full-time worker in the healthcare industry, Angela’s experience and passion for nutrition, wellness, and healing has also extended into her work with Mothers Kitchen Essentials. The first MKE product, chai tea, is GMO-free, sweetener-free, vegan friendly, USDA organic, paleo certified, and ethically cultivated. Angela plans to continue this commitment to fresh, healthy living in all Mothers Kitchen Essentials products, echoing the way her mother raised her growing up.


The Mother’s Kitchen Essentials Community

Mother’s Kitchen Essentials is more than just products. Connecting back to its roots in family, community, and authenticity, Angela created MKE to be a place for sharing and learning - just as the Sharma’s tea recipe was passed down and learned through generations.

Mother’s Kitchen Essentials is a resource for helpful advice, learning new kitchen techniques, and connecting with others. Angela’s hope is that this can be a place where people can share the similarities and differences in their own kitchen essentials, and learn from one another like she learned from her mother years ago.

Kitchens have always been an intimate space for gathering and sharing, and we’re so glad you’re here! Take a seat, maybe grab a cup of tea, and enjoy Mother’s Kitchen Essentials.