Five Essential Kitchen Tools to Invest in Today

When I’m out shopping, I always love browsing the kitchen department. It seems like there’s a tool for just about everything - from lemon zesters to avocado peelers - and the sheer amount of possible buys is fun, but overwhelming. What’s actually worth having in your kitchen? After years of cooking with my mom, these are must-have tools for all you need to be a successful home cook.

  1. A Good Chef’s Knife - did you know you don’t need an arsenal of 20+ knives for cutting different foods? Much of your chopping can be done with a simple 8” chef’s knife. Though a high-quality chef’s knife can run you more than $200, there are plenty of good knives you can buy for around $20 at your local restaurant supply store.
  2. A Y-Peeler - Similar to knives, you don’t need several different types of peelers to be effective! A y-shaped peeler is a great investment because it will peel pretty much everything you need - carrots, potatoes, lemon curls for cocktails or tea, etc. - with just one handy tool.                                           
  3. A Large Cutting Board -  Small cutting boards may seem like space savers, but once you chop your meat and veggies, you’ll probably find yourself having to dirty other bowls to store them. Invest in a large cutting board with a moat to prevent any liquid from running off, and you’ll be able to seamlessly transfer food directly from the cutting board to the pan.            
  4. An 8-Quart Pot - The most important thing to remember about choosing the right pots and pans is that they should be made to distribute heat evenly. Clad, triple-ply pots are a great investment for this reason - they are made of stainless steel and copper or aluminum that breaks heat down across each layer. This size of pot is great for blanching veggies, cooking up stews, or making pasta.
  5. A Box Grater -  When you need to grate a block of cheese or a dozen carrots quickly, a box grater is your best friend. They stay in place, and the large surface area is ideal for efficiency. Most box graters have different hole sizes on each side, so you can determine how finely you want your food grated.

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