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Year-Round Chai - How to Make Your Chai Habit Fit Every Season

It’s finally starting to feel like springtime here in the States. Flowers are blooming, the air feels fresh, and the chilly winter months are behind us (hopefully.) But that doesn’t mean that our days of cozying up on the couch with a mug of chai tea are over! Chai is a beverage that can and should be enjoyed year-round, and can be modified to fit all different seasons. Below are some of my favorite ways to spice up my chai habit, depending on the what’s in bloom, what time of year it is, and what I’m craving.

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Five Essential Kitchen Tools to Invest in Today

When I’m out shopping, I always love browsing the kitchen department. It seems like there’s a tool for just about everything - from lemon zesters to avocado peelers - and the sheer amount of possible buys is fun, but overwhelming. What’s actually worth having in your kitchen? After years of cooking with my mom, these are must-have tools for all you need to be a successful home cook.

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An Intro to the Slow Food Movement - and Why Chai is the Perfect Slow Food

We all know what fast food is. Drive a mile in any direction in an American town and you’re sure to hit a McDonalds, Wendys, or a “fast casual” restaurant like Chipotle or Panera. These types of restaurants have one main goal - to mass-produce food that’s quick, efficient, and usually cheap for a consumer on the go. As our lives have become busier, convenience has become crucial. But is this really the relationship we want to have with food?

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